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Freeview exploded onto the world of digital TV when it launched in 2002 and has since become a popular choice of low cost digital TV options across the UK. Freeview enables customers to watch digital TV without paying for a contract, making it a great choice for homeowners looking to enjoy digital TV on a budget.

Since the Digital Switchover everyone can benefit from having great TV signal and picture clarity: grainy images are set to become a thing of the past! Freeview was developed to allow as many people as possible to access a wide range of entertainment, and now anyone who wants it can get high quality TV at a low price.

Easy to Access, Easy to Use

Freeview Aerial Repairs In Hertfordshire

For many homeowners, there is no specialist installation required for a Freeview system, as it doesn’t use a satellite dish and is integrated into many modern televisions, however some homeowners find they need additional support to enable them to watch Freeview from their homes. All of our aerial and satellite engineers have received specific training on how to install and utilise Freeview system to suit your needs. For businesses looking to offer Freeview throughout their premises, our fast and convenient service is second to none, and is highly recommended to get your TV systems up and running.

Not sure how to get Freeview in your home, no getting the quality of digital reception you would hope to receive or have any other questions about your Freeview device and its installation? Looking to install a Freeview system into a large building, such as a school, conference centre, hotel or hospital? Why not give Watford Aerials and Satellites a call? We are your local Freeview experts, and our engineers are ready and waiting to help assess your specific needs.

Why Choose Freeview

Free Freeview Advice In Hertfordshire

There are many benefits of choosing Freeview as your digital TV system of choice. All UK homes and business now require some form of digital TV system in order to receive service, since the nationwide digital switchover. Of the wide range of digital packages available, Freeview is beneficial because it is free, easy to install and maintain, and has a much higher signal strength than many other packages on the market.

As well as receiving over seventy of these TV and radio channels for free, there are also options to add subscription channels through ESPN or Top Up TV. Freeview and Freeview HD can also be accessed as part of Hybrid Broadband TV systems, which include YouView and BT Vision.

Let Us Take Care of Your Freeview Support and Maintenance Services

We believe that maintenance and support are an integral part of ensuring that your aerial solutions always run smoothly, which is why we are committed to providing great maintenance and support services to all of our customers. All of our installation services are covered by a 12 month guarantee and when you call us we commit to ensuring you receive a visit from one of our friendly and experienced engineers within 48 hours.

Why not consider our Maintenance package? It’s the perfect option for our commercial clients, and very popular. When you commit to one of our maintenance packages we will carry out a quarterly inspection to make sure your system is running at its best, replace any aerials whenever needed (particularly useful after bad and stormy weather) and ensure that any updates are completed as soon as possible too. It’s great value for money, and provides you with complete peace of mind.

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We are delighted to offer specialist local Freeview experts in your area, so no matter what your Freeview needs, why not get in touch today? Our Freeview experts can address all of your concerns, so if your Freeview system isn’t running properly, needs extending into another room into your property or even into several properties or business premises, give us a call for some no-obligation expert advice.

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